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Headmaster Message

Headmaster Message


I am exceedingly delighted to have the opportunity of involving myself as the Founder Principal of B H Khan School & College in raising it to its height of excellence. Founded on about a three bigha land with three gigantic and well decorated buildings including all modern and digital facilities already installed, the institution is going to emerge as a school with a difference from many others, insha-Allah, in respect of teaching-learning arrangement, maintenance of discipline and co-curricular activities. Even the waiting guardians are also being brought under the curriculum of the school. We would like to implement our design with the coordinated effort of the teachers, students, guardians and the community, that is, the management body representing the local population and also government.

We have selected a team of experienced, well qualified and promising teachers through judicious scrutiny free from any kind of favouritism, recommendation and biasness. A month long training program for the teachers was conducted on various aspects of teaching methodology, English conversation and pronunciation, manners and etiquettes so that our students are guided and taught accordingly. All these are planned with the objective of making them good human being and ideal citizens as well,because our institutional motto is “Education for Humanity”.

Good result is our prime target as the guardians also desire so. At the same time, we want to nurture and bring up our beloved students to be knowledgeable and smart in other aspects that are required to become all rounders leading to full and successful men. I hope and pray that we can achieve the target with our dedication and support of all concerned as we could do so far.

Wishing all the best.



Founder Principal